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Update Kubebuilder

Update the Kubebuilder install

Install the latest version of kubebuilder from releases page.

Update Existing Project's Dependencies

Kubebuilder 1.0.1 and earlier

Before following the instructions below, make sure to update Kubebuilder to 1.0.2+, update your dependency file to the latest version by using kubebuilder update vendor (see below). See the dependencies guide for more information on why this is necessary.

You can update dependencies to minor and patch versions using dep, as you would any other dependency in your project. See the dependencies guide for more information.

Updating to New Major Versions

Update your project's dependencies to the latest version of the libraries used by kubebuilder. This will modify Gopkg.toml by rewriting the [[override]] elements beneath the # DO NOT MODIFY BELOW THIS LINE. line. Rules added by the user above this line will be retained.

Gopkg.toml's without the # DO NOT MODIFY BELOW THIS LINE. will be ignored.

kubebuilder update vendor

By Hand

You can also update your project by hand. Simply edit Gopkg.toml to point to a new version of the dependencies listed under the # DO NOT MODIFY BELOW THIS LINE. line, making sure that and always have the same version listed. You should then remove the marker line to indicate that you've updated dependencies by hand, and don't want them overridden.