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What is the Manager

The Manager is an executable that wraps one or more Controllers. It may either be built and run locally against a remote cluster, or run as a container in the cluster.

When run as a container, it should be installed into its own Namespace with a ServiceAccount and RBAC permissions on the appropriate resources. The configs to do this are automatically generated for the user by running make.

Note that the Manager is run as a StatefulSet and not a Deployment. This is to ensure that only 1 instance of the Manager is run at a time (a Deployment may sometimes run multiple instances even with replicas set to 1).

Building and Running Locally

Build and run locally against the cluster defined in ~/.kube/config. Note this requires a running Kubernetes cluster to be accessible with the ~/.kube/config.

make run

In another terminal, create an instance of your resource.

kubectl apply -f config/samples/yourinstance.yaml